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Who we are? Why so different?




We are an independent studio, which improves the process of photography in the advertising industry. We produce photography and motion movie for advertising, marketing teams, designers, PR Agencies, editorial for magazines. Our clients are well-known brands and ordered through the White Label Agencies and OEM Products. Pixterior is a team of people with almost 10 years of experience in this industry. 



Why so different?




A gentlemen's agreement is the most valued agreement for us, our clients demand confidentiality, every year deliver hundreds of pictures, many of them are under restriction of publication etc.



Working with the creative industry very often leads us to many aspects of postproduction, staging, styling etc. Our whole team of graphic designers and IT developers who help out our clients visualising and delivering the final product. Our team provides graphic layouts for our clients, website designs, e-commerce etc.

We inspire


Our operational goals among delivering the best product and service to our final client is an educational mission. We organise workshops, courses and internships for young people, students and professionals who need expanding the knowledge and experience.

We are inspired


Pixterior Studio partly is creative co-working space, thanks to the whole team from the creative industry, our heads are full of ideas.


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Ula Kóska


Sandra Szuta



Paweł Mrowiec



Dominik Pszczółka



Maja Wieczorek



Karolina Kubala 



Dariusz Wysocki



B2B Collaboration with Creative & Commercial Agencies

If you represent a commercial or creative agency or any professional related to the creative industry and you are looking for well-organised structure and parter supporting the creating the photo content and full photography offer for your client join our Loyalty Program. We have individual commission offer for agencies who recommend us as partners - we can also be a white label company for the brand that you represent.