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How much does a packshot price list for product photography?



How much does product photography cost - price list


When asked about the content "how much does product photography cost in your studio?", No matter how much we want, there is no simple and quick answer to such a question. The cost of the photo session and photo retouching depends on many factors, which we will discuss in general below to explain what our time was spent and the cost. The question formulated in this way is something like "how much does the car cost?" Which cannot be answered without knowing the standard, destination, etc. Anyway, we will try to bring a few issues that will bring the topic closer.


Product type, services and purpose of photography. First, the product photography studio Pixterior tries to find out from you what type of category and type, your products, which photo session must be valued. Is it:


  1. simple product, i.e. a matt product, not reflecting;
  2. composite product, i.e. a product that is covered with materials that have any reflective surface, i.e. most often cosmetic products, electronics, jewelry (silver, gold), shiny plastic, shiny material, metal surfaces, glass products, footwear, fashion accessories, products with very small or very large sizes; clothing product; 


For the valuation of the Pixterior product photography studio, I need to specify with you the type and type of service you expect (this is described in detail in the article on the types and definitions of photography available here . During product sessions we have a choice:

  • Packshot photographs;
  • Model photographs;
  • Flatshot photographs; 
  • Ghost Photographs;
  • 360 ° rotatable presentation;
  • Product animations;
  • Product movies.


For the photo studio brief, also specify for what purpose you want to use the photographs, because their specificity depends on this choice. Discuss with the photo studio, the fields of photography exploitation, the transfer of copyrights, and the duration of the license to use photography.


Without going into details, whether you need 360 photos and rotational presentations to use for a website or just packshots for an online store or in another version for promotion in social media ads. Or maybe you need photographs for catalog printing, large format printing for billboards, or maybe just for printing for exhibitions, fairs. Maybe you want to resell them to your customers ?.


Each of these choices changes not only the technical details, the form of the contract but also the cost of a single photo.


Remember that for product sessions during which you use the presence of models, you must specify the duration of the license to use the image.


Technical details about the product session.

Preparation of the studio, lighting settings, set design requires a Pixterior photo studio, so it is important to determine in advance: 

  • how many products will you deliver for one day session, 
  • what number of photos for each product separately you expect in which shots,
  • what file format do you want to receive: JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, 
  • is the color space selected (Adobe RGB, sRGB, CMYK),
  • what image format is expected, or "Aspect ratio" 1: 1, 2: 3, 4: 3, 16: 9,
  • what size photo was chosen, (720/1080/1280/1920/2540 / 3900 pixels),
  • what DPI should have for photography (72, 96, 140, 240, 300 DPI),
  • whether product shadows, cropping, and margins were specified,
  • choose the type of background (full RGB color range from 1 to 100% coverage, white or without background),
  • whether the watermark is to be used and where exactly it should be located and how,
  • what kind of photo retouching you expect: 
Standard (S) photography on the product are natural blemishes;
Premium Photography (P) color treatment, frame alignment;
HiEnd (HE) photography - advanced photo retouching.


Packshot mannequins and additional services

When photographing products on packshot dummies, clothing sizes should be adjusted to the dimensions of the Pixterior photography dummies. 

  • Women's (Height: 165 cm / Chest: 89 cm / Waist: 64 cm / Hips: 93 cm / Inner leg: 90 cm)
  • male (Height: 177 cm / Chest: 101 cm / Waist: 82 cm / Hips: 100 cm / Inner leg: 98 cm), 

The maximum size of the photographed object for rotational presentations 360 is (WxHxD) 70 x 190 x 100 cm, and the weight of a single product cannot be greater than 100kg.


Additional suggestions and guidelines you expect: 

  • whether to remove tags, unpack, assemble the product, 
  • Should we iron, clean, polish products for a photo session?,
  • whether the product is in perfect condition, otherwise additional retouching of the product, removal of product scratches and damage is required,
  • should we remove existing but unsightly elements from the product in the photo (e.g. power cable, assembly cubes, stickers, logos, etc.), 
  • whether the background type or watermark has been selected?
  • Does the product session require the presence of a model, stylist, makeup artist, etc.? Who ensures their presence?
  • how do we transfer ready files (wetransfer, FTP, Google Drive, Orbitvu platform, other) ;
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