Partner program

Pixterior Partnership Program


Join us, and improve your business with us! 
Commercial and Product photography would like to invite you for collaboration while expanding the services into a complete offer for photography and film services in the B2B model. 



Our offer includes:
  • Product Photography
  • 2D packshot
  • 2D packshot ghost
  • Rotary 360 photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Editorial
  • Lookbook
  • Commercial Photography




Extra services:


graphic design,


brand &




photoshoot creation, 

product styling




Collaboration with us will give you access to expand and improve your offer and services.  Our range of services from many types of photography to film, branding, building the visual part of the brand. 






In the idea of B2B we have created a Partner Program crafted for:
  • Commercial agencies,
  • Creative agencies,
  • PR  agencies and marketing,
  • Print Labs, print agencies,
  • Media House,
  • Project and design studios 



With our partners we are working in the following business models:



Direct Sale Program


Our photography studio selling services directly to the end line clients, and by the end of the month Partner, receives a report of how much deals Pixterior studio has finished and how much money our partner will receive. 



Reseller Program:


Photography services are sold to the end line client through the Partner, where the end line client is informed about the purpose and role of the Photography studio This model business is fully covered throughout the the role of the partner is responsible for the sale process itself and keeping the relationship with the client. Our photography studio is responsible for keep running stable services, technology support, consulting, meanwhile working with a partner on the price policy and invoicing the final client



White Label:


Service is suited to specification and expectations of a partner, it is offered with his branding. In this model, Pixterior is not part of any communication or branding that reaches out to the end line client. 




Do you want to join to our affiliate program as a partner? Contact us now! 




All you need to do is,  contact our email leaving info as listed below:

1. Contact Details ( Phone, email, company name, contact number

2. Invoice details with a correct VAT number or TAX ID, address of the company. 


It might take us 24 h to verify the details, afterwards, we will contact you with the details what to do next! 



We would like to invite you to work with our Photo Studio
Join our affiliate program as a partner:
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Call Us: +48 600 677 647
Product photography and graphic design studio

At, we take product packshot photos, advertising photos in individual arrangements, photos of clothing in spirit and on models (lookbooks). Our product and advertising photography studio is located in Bielsko-Biała, but we serve clients from Poland and all over Europe. Check our price list for product and advertising photography. Speak soon!


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